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MATV Systems - Commercial TV Systems   

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. MATV System allows many houses, motels, hotels, schools, rest house,retirement villages, hospitals or other multi-unit buildings to distribute UHF, IF and FM signals to a number of receivers. In order to accomplish this without a loss of signal quality, these systems must be carefully planned and engineered through the effective use of MATV equipment and techniques. 

The MATV System consists of :  

  • HEAD END (master antena, signal processing components,distribution amplifier)
  • DISTRIBUTION NETWORK (cabling and distribution components such as tap splitters)

The MATV system can also combine a variety of video media sources at a “head-end” facility and distribute the signal in the entire network. Video media sources could be provided by the UHF antenna, satellite dishes, VCR, DVD, PPV TV Systems, broadband connections or any other AV device.   

The MATV system can also combine a variety. Our company has the best trained and experienced MATV Installers in New Zealand. Our MATV installers have been involved in deploying large networks in New Zealand and Europe. Some of our MATV installers have been trained in Europe managing huge CATV infrastructures and dealing with best MATV brands such as: Ikusi, Triax and Polycom. We definitely can deliver best quality service in New Zealand, so please ask us for a free quotation for your project. We promise to deliver the best design, the products, the best installation service and the best price quaranteed.  

Please note all our MATV installers are also trained with IPTV integration techinques. The new MATV Systems have to be able to deliver IPTV services. Ask us about IPTV !

We can desing and install the folowing types of digital commercial television systems(MATV and SMATV):   

  • Freeview Terrestrial (High Definition broadcast terrestrial UHF band)
  • Freeview Satellite
  • Sky TV commercial networks (definitely can beat competition by at least 10% in pricing)
  • IPTV systems (includes all the above systems, all processed and distributed over LAN networks using MPEG4 and H264 technologies)  

 We service: 

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Villages
  • Appartment complexes
  • Any other multi Dwelling Unit properties  

We can offer customized cable tv networks for hotels and motels, giving you the opportunity to chose your own program package based either on Free To Air channels or on Free to Air combined with pay channels.

All our solutions and systems are now available in New Zealand with full project management and after installation support. Please contact us for a Free Consultation or Quotation on your projects. E-mail: info



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