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FTTH (Fibre To The Home)- Get Fibre Ready


Get fibre ready with us. Book it today and have it done within 48 hours guaranteed !

Fiber Optic connections to internet are the lastet technology and by far the fastest connections available. To make the most out of FTTH connection, you need to make sure your house your is properly wired and able to handle a FTTH connection. There are some minimum wiring requirements in order for a house to get connected to the fiber network.

Get Fibre Ready Minimum Requirements

  • Cabling must be ‘star configuration’
  • A star wiring (home distributor) box needs to be located at the ‘star point’ to provide cross-connect and testing facilities.
  • This star point must be internal, accessibleand ideally located just above the External Termination Point (ETP) position.
  • The star point will typically be set into the side wall of a utility room or garage.
  • The star wiring box must be large enough to house devices such as a router and video splitter. It must also have integrated power sockets for these devices.
  • Cables to be a minimum specification of Cat5e (UTP) and Tri-Shield RG6 Coax.
  • Run two Cat5e cables and two RG6 from the star point to each outlet position.
  • Run two Cat5e cables and four RG6 from the star point to the main TV position. Leave at least 300mm of cable slack at each outlet.
  • Run three Cat5 cables from the star point to the ETP.  Leave at least 500mm of cable slack at the ETP.
  • Cable through the wall at the ETP must be protected within a short length of plastic pipe. Make sure all clearances between communication cables and power cables are maintained.


Recommended outlets

When you’re looking at where to install outlets or jackpoints in the new premises be sure to consider the following:

  • At least two RJ45 type jackpoints with two ‘F’ co-axial outlets (four ‘F’ co-axial at the main TV position) on the same faceplate in each bedroom and normally occupied room. Avoid wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.
  • Two or more such outlets are recommended in the lounge, rumpus room and study.
  • At the star wiring point the Cat5e cables should ideally be terminated on RJ45 type modular sockets mounted in a patch panel. This will allow very simple patching to/from routers and easy replacement if one becomes faulty.

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